12 Talking Points For Parents After The Parkland, Florida School Shooting – Pattie Fitzgerald
By Pattie Fitzgerald, founder, www.safelyeverafter.com Another school shooting?! This cannot be our new normal. Like every parent, I am heartbroken, angry, and sickened by this week’s tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. I want it to stop, too. That’s for another blog post. For now,... Read more
How to Help Kids Manage Anger – by Melissa Vivino PHD
I had the opportunity to interview clinical psychologist, Dr. Melissa Vivino, about children and anger. She gave great insight and brought to my attention how anger is so commonly used as a mask. She also gave a lot of healthy ideas to get kids talking about their feelings. I... Read more
Caught in the Middle: Tips on Preventing Parental Alienation – by Shuli Sandler, Psy.D
The process of a couple divorcing is inherently difficult and complicated. When children are involved, it increases the variables infinitely. Despite the clear conflict and discord between the two parents, there is a desire to communicate the continued love each parent has for their child. This is not always... Read more
How to Talk to Kids About Death Including the Loss of a Beloved Pet – by Dr. David Schonfeld
How to Talk to Kids About Death Including the Loss of a Beloved Pet – interview with Dr. David Schonfeld by Estée Pouleris The death of someone close to a child, including the death of a pet can be very overwhelming. According to Dr. David Schonfeld, there are four... Read more
How to Keep your Kids Safe from Sexting to Online Sexual Predators – by Pattie Fitzgerald
Estée Pouleris: I had the privileged of interviewing Pattie Fitzgerald, a leader in Child Predator Safety Awareness, a few months ago about Preparing your Kids for Sleepovers from a Sexually Inappropriate Perspective. We had such a great response to the article we’re delving deeper into the conversation today – this... Read more
When it Comes to Bullying, No One Wins – The Impact is too Big to Ignore – by Jenny Holt
When it Comes to Bullying, No One Wins Bruises, scratches, nightmares, anxiety, and lying to stay home from school; this is the reality of many children across the world who are victims of bullying. Today, bullies can target kids in school, at the park, and through text messages, tweets,... Read more
What to do if you Catch Your Child Watching Pornography?- an interview with Dr. Steven Schlozman
No parent wants to think about their child watching pornography, unfortunately it often happens. With easy access to internet, the age of exposure is becoming younger and younger and the images are more disturbing than ever. I had the opportunity to ask the associate director of The Clay Center... Read more
An Ugly Divorce with Kids – An open letter by therapist Meghan Crough
Meghan Crough is a parent, adjunct professor and Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Rochester, NY, specializing in healing around Self and In Our Relationships. www.meghancrough.com   Dear Parents Dealing with Divorce, What a tough time this must be for you, your children, your friends and family.... Read more
Special Needs Children, Typically Developing Siblings and a Family Plan – an interview with Chava Kadosh
Special Needs Children, Typically Developing Siblings and a Family Plan – an interview with Chava Kadosh by Estée Pouleris What does is mean if a child has special needs? Special needs is an umbrella term describing the special attention and support required because of a physical, mental, emotional, developmental,... Read more
Anxiety at School Drop-off – What’s Normal? by Dr. Dawn Huebner
“I don’t want to go to school!” Sometimes it’s as direct as that. Other times it’s more subtle. Clinging. Crying. Sleep issues. Stomach aches. The nervous chewing of collars. Separation anxiety comes in many forms, all based on the reluctance (read: extreme reluctance) to leave a major attachment figure.... Read more