Tips on Identifying if your Child is a Bully, is Getting Bullied and Staying Safe Online – Ross Ellis
Ross Ellis is a national bullying and cyberbullying prevention expert. is grateful she agreed to participate in a Q&A with us. I hope you all find this information helpful. If you need additional resources on bullying, please find her website which is listed in her bio at the... Read more
How to Talk to Kids about a Terminally Ill Parent – Dr. David Schonfeld
I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. David Schonfeld about the process a family endures when losing a loved one to a terminal illness, from the perspective of a child. When do you let a child know a parent is sick? How much information do you share? How... Read more
Preparing your Child for Sleepovers from a Sexually Inappropriate Perspective – by Pattie Fitzgerald
Today Pattie Fitzgerald, a leader in Child Predator Safety Awareness and I had a discussion about how to talk to your young elementary aged child to prepare them for sleepovers – from the perspective of preventing sexual inappropriateness. Estée: I have a 5 year old daughter and I believe... Read more
Preparing Yourself for a Hard Conversation with your Child – by Michelle Chalfant
Navigating a Scary World The world in which we live seems to be getting scarier and more dangerous every day. News headlines shout at us about every conceivable threat to our safety and well-being. Our children are constantly exposed to these scary message at home, at school, from friends... Read more
Talking to Kids about School Lockdown Drills – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD
Helping Parents Prepare Their Little Children to Feel Safe about School Lockdown Drills (and Other Scary Stuff) – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD Truly, it can be a very scary world out there. You don’t have to be a helicopter parent to want with all your heart to protect... Read more
3 Tips and Sample Conversations for Talking to Kids about Terrorism – by Dr. Laura Markham
Tips About Disusing Terrorism with Children – Interview with Dr. Laura Markham – by Estée Pouleris 1. Process your own feelings. 2. Protect children from media – especially TV news. 3. Be age appropriate. We recorded this interview, hearing Dr. Markham’s voice and direction when having these hard conversations... Read more
Tips for Kids Suffering Nightmares  – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD
A bedtime ritual to help children learn to calm themselves – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD If bedtime threatens nightmares about strangers with guns, or even general anxiety, here are two approaches you might consider. At bedtime, when our conscious minds are no longer busy dealing with the small... Read more
Police Brutality? Aggressive Presidential Campaigns? Tips on Approaching Your Child’s Fears – by Patty Wipfler
Between Police Brutality and the recent presidential campaigns…how are we as parents supposed to talk to our kids about such complicated issues? Well if you kid is bringing his or her fears to you, you’re already a step in the right direction. Patty Wipfler of Hand in Hand Parenting... Read more
Calming Yourself and Children,  Tone of Voice, The Important C’s & Breath when Preparing Kids for Lockdown Drills – by Judith Simon Prager
Calming yourself and Children, Tone of Voice, The Important C’s & Breath when discussing sensitive issues and scary issues – by Judith Simon Prager How we say something communicates at least as powerfully as what we say. When you require help repairing your computer, your roof, your plumbing, you... Read more
Discussing a Crisis with Kids – The Words We Use – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD
How We Handle Times Of Crisis Affects The Present And The Future When we find our way into calm, when we gain support by knowing we’re all in this together, when we have a plan because we’ve rehearsed it and automatically take steps to find safety in a scary... Read more