How to Keep your Kids Safe from Sexting to Online Sexual Predators – by Pattie Fitzgerald
Estée Pouleris: I had the privileged of interviewing Pattie Fitzgerald, a leader in Child Predator Safety Awareness, a few months ago about Preparing your Kids for Sleepovers from a Sexually Inappropriate Perspective. We had such a great response to the article we’re delving deeper into the conversation today – this... Read more
What to do if you Catch Your Child Watching Pornography?- an interview with Dr. Steven Schlozman
No parent wants to think about their child watching pornography, unfortunately it often happens. With easy access to internet, the age of exposure is becoming younger and younger and the images are more disturbing than ever. I had the opportunity to ask the associate director of The Clay Center... Read more
Tips on Identifying if your Child is a Bully, is Getting Bullied and Staying Safe Online – Ross Ellis
Ross Ellis is a national bullying and cyberbullying prevention expert. is grateful she agreed to participate in a Q&A with us. I hope you all find this information helpful. If you need additional resources on bullying, please find her website which is listed in her bio at the... Read more