Anxiety at School Drop-off – What’s Normal? by Dr. Dawn Huebner
“I don’t want to go to school!” Sometimes it’s as direct as that. Other times it’s more subtle. Clinging. Crying. Sleep issues. Stomach aches. The nervous chewing of collars. Separation anxiety comes in many forms, all based on the reluctance (read: extreme reluctance) to leave a major attachment figure.... Read more
Tips for Kids Suffering Nightmares  – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD
A bedtime ritual to help children learn to calm themselves – by Judith Simon Prager, PhD If bedtime threatens nightmares about strangers with guns, or even general anxiety, here are two approaches you might consider. At bedtime, when our conscious minds are no longer busy dealing with the small... Read more
Calming Yourself and Children,  Tone of Voice, The Important C’s & Breath when Preparing Kids for Lockdown Drills – by Judith Simon Prager
Calming yourself and Children, Tone of Voice, The Important C’s & Breath when discussing sensitive issues and scary issues – by Judith Simon Prager How we say something communicates at least as powerfully as what we say. When you require help repairing your computer, your roof, your plumbing, you... Read more